Mjøstårnet is located in Brumunddal, a small city with 10 000 residents, about one hour and a half drive from Oslo. The site lays next to Mjøsa, Norways largest lake. A picturesque setting for this building.


The site is situated in an area know for its forestry and its wood processing industry. Constructing Mjøstårnet here, will benefit from using local source material. The timber used in the construction of Mjøstårnet is from this area, and is also processed at Moelven industry, just a fifteen minutes drive from Brumunddal


Mjøstårnet is what you may call a a signal Building, both in the way it stands out in the landscape, but also in its sustainable architecture. Pushing the limits on whats possible with using wood as material for taller buildings or plyscrapers. Signaling that we are serious about our responsibility in fighting the climate change.


Voll Arkitekter has been responsible for the regulation of the site, the design of the building and the story layout. We have also been responsible for the design and layout of the public bath connected to the tower.


From the main road, you take an exit to the west of the site, entering the site from north west. Parking space and a carport for the inhabitants of the tower lays between the site and the main road. The entrance for the tower and the public bath is from a small plaza to the North-West. The tower has a common lobby, used by everyone in the tower. Outdoor space and public gardens is situated to the south, facing the lake and is protected from the noice from the main road. Several walkways and bicycle paths are connected to trails leading to the city center of Brumunddal and nature trails in the area.


The tower consist of 18 stories with different programs. The official hight is 85,4 meters. With a footprint of only 17m in width and 37,5m in length, each floor is about 640 m2. The total program for the tower Is about 10 500m2

The ground floor consists of the main lobby, reception and a restaurant.


The second story is reserved for meeting rooms and technical facilities.


The next five stories are office space.


We have 72 hotel rooms, 18 on each floor from the 8th story to the 11th.


In total there are 33 apartments in the project, ranging from 50m2, to 180m2. 6 apartments on each floor on the 12th to 16th floor.


Two apartments on the 17th floor together with an event room, used for weddings, celebrations and larger conferences.


On the top floor there is one penthouse apartment and a public and private terrace.


The tower is also connected to the public bath. The public bath is constructed with glulam beams and column as the tower but also with massive wood elements in the facade. The size of the public bath is about 4 900m2


Mjøstårnet is our first building where we really exploit the tree’s properties to the fullest as construction material. We think it’s exciting to see that wood construction has gained a new renaissance, considering recent experiences with the tree’s environmentally friendly impact on greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be able to help develop wood architecture to new heights


Byggherre: AB Invest AS

Totalentreprenør: HENT

Beliggenhet: I Brumundal, langs Mjøsas bredd ved utløpet til elva Brumunda.

Boliger, kontorer, hotell og svømmeanlegg ca 16 000m2 + parkeringsplasser og carport.

Status: Byggestart våren 2017. Svømmehallen åpner januar 2019 og tårnet åpner mars 2019.