Popular Science Best Of What´s New 2019

Popular Science har belønnet  Mjøstårnet med «Best og What´s new»  for 2019 i kategorien Engineering.

I sin omtale av Mjsøtårnet  står det følgende: Most people might think of steel, concrete, and glass when they think of a quintessential skyscraper. But Mjøsa Tower, designed by Voll Arkitekter, defies that image: Its 18 stories are entirely wood. The Norwegian marvel, which holds luxury condos and sweeping offices, is made of laminated timber, a material of thin sheets of glued-together lumber. The construction adds fire resistance, and unlike steel, retains its structural integrity in blazes. Its renewable material also allows high-rise owners to slash their carbon footprint, and the lack of concrete reduces dependence on sand, a surprisingly limited resource.

Prosjektet nevnes i samme åndedrag som blant annet Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau broen, Galaxy´s Edge theme park by Disney.

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